Self-adhesive KÖSTER TPO Membrane with direct application to EPS insulation possible. Due to the combined effect of TPO Membrane and special polyester fleece with self-adhesive layer, a time-saving, easy, and cost-effective installation is ensured. The self-adhesive layer has a high initial adhesive strength which guarantees immediate and lasting membrane bonding and ensures optimal protection against wind suction forces. Additionally, the welding of seams is simple and safe with hot-air welding.

KÖSTER TPO SK (FR) SG Membranes have a high resistance against hail, are UV stable, and have a high a cold flexibility up to - 50 °C. A glass fiber fleece is embedded in the middle of the membrane to provide an especially high dimensional stability. KÖSTER TPO SK (FR) SG Membranes are free of softeners and chlorine and are therefore suitable for all types of insulation. The membranes are classified as Broof (t1) and fulfill the requirements for "hard roofs" and are suitable for the direct adhesion to EPS insulation.

KÖSTER TPO SK (FR) SG roofing and waterproofing membranes can be used in building waterproofing according to DIN 18531-18535.

Technical Data Sheet