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KÖSTER TPO (thermoplastic polyolefines) are modern and sustainable hot-air-welding polymer membranes. They are made of high quality flexible polyolefins; therefore also known as "FPO". KÖSTER TPO membranes are based on a mixture of polyethylenes (PE) and functional additives and have an embedded glass fleece reinforcement. These high quality roofing membranes are characterized by numerous qualities such as the use of uniform material quality on the upper and lower side, the flexibility at extremely low temperatures (≤ -50°C), the compatibility with bitumen and all insulation materials or the resistance to microorganisms, root penetration and rodent attack. This state of the art recyclable and eco-friendly material, constitutes the most recent technology in roofing systems. Colors are grey or light grey. Special colors are available on request. To Products   



KÖSTER ECB membranes (ethylene co-polymer bitumen) are made of a mixture of ethylene copolymer and a special bitumen with an embedded glass fiber mesh for dimension stability. The ECB technology goes back to the 1960s and the membranes have proven to last 50 years or even longer. ECB is used as roof and basement waterproofing. These special membranes are watertight, chemically resistant, and resistant to stress cracking. The KÖSTER ECB are UV-stable, resistant to aging, and microorganisms and can be applied directly to bituminous roofs.
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